We honestly have absolutely no idea about the quality of any of the hotels in and around Degerloch & Stuttgart as we’ve never stayed in any of them! You’ll need to look at online reviews etc. & make your own judgment – just because a place is listed here doesn’t mean that it’s any good – we’ve just found the information from tourist information websites etc.

There are 3 hotels/guest houses in the Degerloch area, but you may prefer to stay in the city centre depending on what you want to do before & after the wedding.

Degerloch area:

Waldhotel – close to the Fernsehturm & to Da Fernando’s

Waldhorn Hotel – more of a guesthouse but does have rooms with up to 4 beds

Noebel Gaestezimmer

Central Stuttgart

For the centre of Stuttgart, it’s probably best to use one of the tourist information websites, e.g.

Where it asks for “Ort” this is the town – i.e. Stuttgart, but bear in mind that the more central postcodes are: 70182, 70178 & 70180, and a little more towards the West & where we live is 70176

This website may also be helpful, but do bear the postcodes in mind or you’ll find yourself way out on the other side of town!


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